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Sat, Aug 29, 202007:00 AMRick Boulis Invitational (All Runners)Wood Park, Madison GA

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• Location:

Wood Park, 100 Brown Lane, Madison, GA 30650, formerly Heritage Park

Across the Madison bypass from the Elementary School. Use Google Maps. Others GPS will take you to another park.

• $5.00 Parking Fee

• Course Map: New Course Map

Meet Schedule:

High school Varsity boys (Top 7) 9:00

High school Varsity girls (Top 7) 9:30
JV boys 10:00
JV girls 10:30 
COVID Procedures:
  1. Coaches will sign in at check in stating that they have screened their athletes per the GHSA screening process, including confirmation that all athletes and coaches are fever-free. 
  1. Coaches will take responsibility for reminding their athletes and spectators to adhere to social distancing protocol, maintaining 4-6 feet of distance between unknown individuals. Masks encouraged, but not mandatory. Please be very up front with your parents about the size of the meet. If it makes them uncomfortable, they should keep their athlete at home.  
  2. This year, we are asking teams to set up on the soccer field. This will allow for more space in between teams and will cut down on the crowds in the start/finish area. 
  1. When setting up your team tent, please respect social distancing guidelines and allow for space in between other teams. There is enough room for everyone to spread out.
  1. Please limit spectators to one family member per athlete. Thank you for understanding.
  1. Only coaches and athletes racing in the NEXT race are allowed in the starting area. All other athletes and spectators must remain in team area or spread along the course as spectators. Reminder: Spectators must respect social distancing guidelines. 
  1. Athletes and coaches ONLY inside the starting line/pavilion area. Entrance will be the side gate. After the race, athletes should take their bottled water and return to the team area. Exceptions would be the need for medical attention. Our trainer will be set up near the finish line. 
  1. There will be no water stop along the course. 
  1. Athletes will be given one sealed bottle of water at the finish line. They will take the water and then return to their team area, clearing the finish area ASAP. Athletes will not be allowed to return to the start/finish area, except to visit the medical tent. 
  1. Concessions through Kona Ice.  Athletes and spectators are asked to respect social distancing guidelines while waiting in line. 
  1. Results will NOT be posted for public viewing. Coaches may verify results at the timing van after each race. 
  1. Athletes will be given a note card indicating their place in the race—Top 15 in middle school race, Top 15 in varsity, Top 5 in JV.  The athlete will then take the place card to the information tent where their award will be given.
  1. Schools will be asked to clear the campus as soon as your athletes are cooled down and capable of clearing the area. We will have a volunteer compiling awards for you so that you and your athletes can have a safe and quick exit time. You can pick those up at the entrance gate before you leave.

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